Baby shower dilemma

Hi! Looking for advice and opinions please 🙏🏼 I’m quite a reserved person and I hate being the centre of attention, so I wasn’t planning on having a baby shower. My sister in law has told me she’s desperate to organise one and seemed pretty upset when I told her they aren’t really ‘my sort of thing’ - the rest my in laws seem pretty horrified and think it’s odd that I don’t want one. Is anyone else in a similar situation? 🙈 xx
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I’m not having one, it’s not my thing either. One side of my family would probably expect a baby shower but I’m quite assertive. You do you! Maybe suggest doing smth special, like a small family gathering, after the baby is born?

Ive decided on a meal to announce the gender of the baby this weekend. I am a very private person, so still only a few people know of my pregnancy. Ive not announced online either. I've decided to have a gender reveal as I didn't want to announce. I went with a sit down meal instead of a party and I find this more my thing than a party. Ill probably do this again for the shower.

With my 1st I didn’t want 1 but to keep people happy we just had a baby bbq 🤣 invited both male and female friend food drinks etc kept faces straight. Point blank refuse this time 🤷🏼‍♀️

I've never had one and stood my ground, people were disappointed and some were actually angry I didn't have one. They are my babies and I make the decisions on how I wish to celebrate my babies. I hate being the centre of attention it's not my thing, I have no problem attending them and have actually thrown one for my best friend but it's not something I wanted for myself. They just had to suck it up and get over it

It’s bizarre how people get so offended when they can’t force you to do what they want . Stand your ground, I hated the idea of a baby shower absolutely not my thing. Maybe just say thanks for the offer but no thanks xx

Im not doing a gender reveal me and my partner are just finding out together and Im just doing a small picnic/buffet style “baby shower” in the garden maybe June time for close friends and family just a little celebration x

Personally I’d only have one for the gifts loool! I’m sure you don’t lack anything but you know free gifts! And to be honest, there’s nothing wrong with stepping out of your comfort zone, it could be a really enjoyable day for you! X

Suck it up and take the free stuff! LOL. But no, really you should do what makes you comfortable. But it is a nice thing also for friends and family to be able to celebrate with you. Maybe try it but keep it small?

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