Silent miscarriage?

Anyone know if you could not know if you miscarry / if that's common? I'm 12 weeks and I have my ultrasound next week- haven't had one for a month and I'm paranoid that I haven't had symptoms recently and I swear my stomach bloat has gone away.... I don't know if maybe something could have happened and me not know about it over the past month
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I will say that symptoms and bloat do start to reduce toward the end of the first trimester, so you may be experiencing that! I’m 14 weeks, and around 11/12 weeks my bloat reduced and I got nervous, then my belly started showing up. Do you know if there are any private ultrasound places near you? That might help with your peace of mind :)

I was just reading that symptoms start to disappear around now! There's a very small chance to miscarry at this stage. I started wondering yesterday, and Dr Google says that if the fetus stopped developing, you'd still get pregnancy symptoms anyway. So the lack of symptoms isn't even a sign that your baby isn't growing. My husband was scolding me for the negative energy 😂 I think he's right! Let's try to stay positive until a professional says otherwise.

Everyone is different so it’s really hard to say. I’ve personally heard that a lot of women only bloat at certain times in the first trimester and if it goes away not to worry. But I also understand worrying about changes in your body that you’re not anticipating. I’m personally someone who has experienced a miscarriage in my first pregnancy and it came with a lot of cramping, stomach pain and blood. I was also only 7 weeks when I miscarried. Hoping everything goes well for you mama ❤️ call your doctor if you’re really worried, that’s why they’re there 😊

Hi I’d like to point out that doctor google is not a reliable source and if you have any questions or concerns you can call your ob and ask to speak with a nurse on duty

I had a silent miscarriage my first pregnancy but it was at 7 weeks. I had no symptoms or bleeding until my scan it was horrible. However, there’s a low risk of miscarriage at 12 weeks! I’m currently 13 weeks with my rainbow baby and I don’t have as many symptoms as I did early on either! Actually like don’t even feel pregnant anymore lol. I have a home Doppler to check the hart beat which has helped with my anxiety about miscarriage so much in between appointments.

I worry because I miscarried in October of 2023. I keep telling myself that baby girl is fine but until I hear her heart beat it scares me.

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