Am I being over sensitive?

Trigger warning ‼️ My SO has mood issues he’s not willing to admit to. He has been absolutely amazing last few months since we found out we’re expecting But last 3/4 days he’s been awful. Trying to pick arguments, challenging me, saying all I do is bother him ( I honestly don’t I leave him to do his own thing, I respect his personal space I don’t shout at him, I don’t demand, and I ALWAYS check in to make sure he’s okay. Daily) We got into a bit of a disagreement when he said he wants to finish off house refurb asap. It’s planned for summer due to budget. So he asked for me to ask for 💵 contribution from my parents or sister because my parents are living a good life. Knowing my parents have only just started their own refurb I said I won’t ask, but why can’t he ask his sisters. To which he got extremely angry he’s very overprotective over them. It annoyed me because he talked 💩 about my family last few days, when I addressed it he makes it out like I imagine it. (yes I’m aware gaslighting) Long story short, he said his sisters won’t have any, to which I said they must do as they get single mum benefits, while hubbys bring large wages in (yes illegitimate claims) So he said “shall we talk about your family “ and laughed. And he brought up my step brother to which I broke down and just started crying. He knows my step brother grew in children’s home and was sexually and psychologically abused. He’s now a heroin addict. For my SO to bring that up it just broke me… am I being too sensitive? Did I deserve that?
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No babe you didn’t. He’s having a hissy fit that you won’t compromise on asking your family and feels offended that you asked the same from him and his side of the family. Just because your family is well off doesn’t mean he’s entitled to their money. Him bringing up your brother was intended to hurt you deeply. You’re his partner and the mother of his child(ren?) and he shouldn’t be doing that. He may have mood issues but that’s not an excuse to take things out on you. I hope you can express how hurtful and not okay it was to say that. And I hope he will be receptive to your feeling and properly apologize for what was said out of anger. Good luck 🫂💜

Regardless of his mood "issues" he needs to grow tf up and stop acting like a crappy child. That's very harsh of him to say. My anger could not. I hurt feelings if people push things to far. Like for the most part I'm a pretty chill person, but noooo ma'am! That's just too far. Especially knowing what happened. He either needs to get help or something. Do you have a child(ren) together if so, it's best he gets help now or they are going to hate him.

Oh wow. What is going on over there girl? He really hit below the belt. There’s gotta be something else going on with him. This doesn’t sound normal. No, you’re not being over sensitive .

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