28 weeks movements

Anterior placenta and my movements feel so muffled, don’t really feel big kicks more just flutters and popping sensations? My midwife says she is probably kicking against my placenta and I will be able to feel more as I get bigger, anyone had this same issue?
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That’s how they felt for me too around that time. I’m 35 weeks now and feel lots of kicks and rolls on my sides because she is head down now.

Same, at 31 weeks I feel or see mostly tumbling/turning and kicks are not very prominent

@Elizabeth I’m desperate to have a few big kicks 🤣Thankyou x

@Olga Very strange isn’t it! X

Yes I though she was a lazy baby, but she sure stretches a lot 😅

29 weeks and feels like a door creaking at bottom of tummy xx

@Sarah That is exactly how I feel! Xxx

This is my 2nd pregnancy with an anterior placenta. With my daughter I barely felt her move. Kicks here and there but I really had to bug her to get her going. I was a nervous wreck all the time. I'm now 29 weeks with my son and I'm constantly feeling movements. I do get intense kicks, which always startle me but it's not everyday. He is head down. Lately I've been getting this like tingling/vibrating feeling around my pelvis and I have no idea what he is doing. I think the kicks will really depend on whether your placenta is high or low and the position baby is in.

@Debra I get the vibrating too same spot x

I'm almost 28 weeks and I'm the same. Just feels like little prods and pokes. I do get a lot of pressure lower down my tummy tho. Xx

I am 32 weeks & I just started feeling my persistent kicks and movements about 29-30 weeks. But even this week there was a few days I was a nervous wreck because I think he is head down and kicking against the placenta so it’s harder to feel because it’s anterior. But I do feel flutters, and kicks on the sides and down low. It definitely makes you nervous because if the baby is lying a certain way you may or may not recognize his/her movements

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