Can I give toddler vitamins chewable

He’s 2 and 8 months old
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I have been. I believe it's a choking hazard before 3 thats all. My HV didn't say otherwise when e saw her at 2yrs 4 months x

I’ve been giving my toddler chewable vitamins too ! She is also 2 years and 7 months old

It’s only 3+ cos of the choking hazard! Maxi has been having them for a while cos he wouldn’t take the liquid forms

I wouldn't, but only because I don't allow her to have sweets (choking hazard). I'm sure they will be fine otherwise if they won't take liquid.

U give my 2 year old 3+ as well and works well

We switched to chewy ones a few weeks ago because he started to refuse the liquid. We just watch him carefully whilst he chews it to make sure it’s taken safely.

Mine does 🤷🏼‍♀️

We’ve been on chewy ones for ages! As soon as she was ok eating Haribo we switched 🙈😂

I give mine the chewable tablet ones but he didn’t like them so I crush them down add them to water and he has “juice” it’s a hack

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