High Risk

I'm really high risk while pregnant and it's been frustrating finding a doctor that'll accept me and deal with my illnesses. It's to the point I almost feel guilty? 😞 I got told I'm too complicated. I've been told that sooooo many times because of being chronically ill and it never not feels slightly horrible.
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What about a doula as well, and they might have connections to a high risk Dr. 🤷‍♀️

@Nizzy this is my first kiddo and I'm not even sure where to begin to look for one of those 🥲

Google for Antepartum doulas in your area they specialize in high risk support.

I’m so sorry that’s happening

I had the same issue. I moved in my second trimester and went 18-34 weeks without care. I finally went into the ER with scary symptoms and they assigned me a maternal fetal medicine and obgyn within the hospital and then I delivered two weeks later after more ER visits. My best advice would be to call the local hospital and ask for recommendations. They should have a general information line.

I had a VERY difficult time finding a doctor when I was pregnant until I went to the doctors affiliated with the local university and hospital with level one trauma center and NICU.

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