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Has anyone done Heathrow with a toddler (she’ll be 16months) in a stroller? I’m worried about doing security? Any tips? I’ll be on my own. Can anyone tell me the way I need to do security please! It’s only a 90min flight and it’s an early one (6:45am) I’m hoping to put our bag in the hold, it’s a 23kg allowence (can I just put our cabin bag in if under that?) And I’ll be taking a yoyo babyzen stroller (borrowed from a friend) with us? Can I take this all the way to the plane and pop it overhead? Need all and any advice! Thank you
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As long as the stroller is within their measurements you can take it all the way to the plane with you! You need to check the airlines measurements We have literally just got back from Paris with our 1 year old & we from Heathrow, we was fine & you get through everything so much quicker with a baby x

@Morgan did they have a separate security line for families? I’ve heard of this but wasn’t sure if Heathrow did it? We have never flown with the little ones so taking our daughter with me to visit a friend in Scotland next month is both exciting and daunting!

They do, you start off in the same que but then a worker will redirect you x

I’ve gone to Heathrow a good couple times with my daughter since she was 18 months. Even now that she’s 3yo I still take a stroller. Tbh there’s nothing really different about the process, you’ll go get to go through the priority queue for security. They’ll need to check the stroller so I’d suggest not having loads of loose items in it to make things easier for yourself. I think the idea of travelling with a little one can be more intimidating/overwhelming than it actually is

We recently went on a flight with tui. We told them at the desk we will be keeping it with us and putting overhead. They tagged it. As we were getting on the flight one of the attendants said we can't take it with us to store overhead as its been tagged; and it would have to go in the hold. Not sure if it depends on airline, but i'd say make sure you let them know at the desk its staying with you. In terms of security, you'd have to fold it up and and send pushchair through the belt and carry baby through the body scanner. Maybe also wear a simple jersey stretch baby carrier so you can fold and unfold the pushchair without having to put baby down, unless you're comfortable with that.

Hi I’ve travelled around the world with my 18months old since 2months of age happy for you to send me a message… For security: You will need to carry your child. Make sure you little one isn’t watering anything metallic including buttons / magnetic coding clothes jewellery or buckles of shoes. I’m sure you’ve done security before so I would do the same or wear shoes you can easily take on and off. Have all your baby’s food water etc in its own little bag so it’s easily accessable and you can take it out and show security they will allow you to bring milk water etc for your child. They may test the milk. Have all your toiletries in a clear bag and have a separate one for your toddler that include nappy cream. Have all your iPads computers phones etc easily accessable as you will need to take them out. If you are organised you will look like a pro. When travelling with a child it’s quite vip most of the time they will put you on the fast lane or open one up for you.

You can absolutely put your carry on luggage into hold but you will want to have some food snacks milk for your little one and entertainment in the form of a fabric / travel busy board you can get one fairly cheap on Amazon. The yoyo zen is great you can take it all the way to the door of the airplane at which point you will need to fold down and carry it and your child to your seat. You can put the pram on the overhead compartment. Airline staff are very helpful and they will help you if they don’t offer just ask. *even if you don’t have an approved airline folding pram you can take a pram no matter the size all the way to the airplane door. You will have to fold it amd leave it there and they will place it in the airplane hold. They will put a bag tag and give you a sticker the same as your checked in luggage. When you land it will be waiting for you when you step off the airplane either right there by the door of the plane or at baggage claim airline staff will let you know.

If you are wearing a baby carrier you will still need to take it off and hold your baby. The pram will go through the scanner depending on size. Travelling with a baby is an amazing thing it’s all about your mindset. A good idea might be to watch some youtube videos but you’ve got this. Enjoy and have fun.

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