Hey! Do TENS machines actually work during labour ?

39 weeks + 2 days ... and I bought one to use along with gas and air. I've been experiencing some contractions now and will be trying it out now. Just wondering how effective it is during the later stages of labour of labour.
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They work until it doesn’t 😅 and by that I mean it just annoyed me when things started to get interesting! I Laboured for nearly 80 hours that ended in a C Section, I’d say the TENS worked until it started to really ramp up and then it became just annoying 😅 I got to 7cm on just the TENS, Birthing Comb and Paracetamol! So it all depends on you x

Honestly, it was mildly distracting for me it didn’t take away the pain just kind of changed the feeling of it. I still used it until about 4cm, but I found gas and air way more effective for me from that point

Didn’t do anything for me at all!

Midway through an induction and have found mine very useful, I think it becomes less useful the more you progress but definitely good for getting through the earlier stages

I’m really glad I used one last time, got one again this time x

Yes loved mine!

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