Can anyone relate?

Im having such a hard time accepting that my baby is already 3 months old… I know every mom feels like time flies and everybody says it just goes so fast so cherish every moment, but it makes me soooo emotional to the point I cry looking at her? 🥲 I also feel like I try so hard to enjoy every moment with her but always feel like I’m not enjoying/ doing enough? I will literally feel guilty for watching tv if she’s awake playing on her gym or something. Or for getting chores done. I find myself thinking the TV will always be there, or dishes/laundry will still be there 2morrow but she’ll only be this small for such a short period of time and every day that goes by she’s a bit older 😭 this is just an example but I mean is it normal? I feel nuts sometimes 🥹
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my daughter is now 33 days old and I feel the same. the past month has gone by so fast even with barely any sleep lol

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