Lack of symptoms?

I’m 5 weeks pregnant today so estimated due date as of right now is December 3rd! Has anyone been having very little symptoms? I’ve been pregnant a few times before and every time I had so many symptoms and I was so sick very early on. This time I just have painful nipples, weird dreams every night and a stronger sense of smell. Barely any nausea or food aversions. I’ve had my HCG tested and my levels are looking great so I’m not worried, just wondering if others are experiencing the same 😊
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My last pregnancy I didn’t start having symptoms until about 7 weeks. I found out I was pregnant yesterday. The only symptom that made me check was how flippin hot I was 😂

My last pregnancy I had no symptoms my entire first trimester beyond fatigue and sore boobs. Try not to worry! It can also be normal (and such a blessing!)

I’m December 2nd! If I didn’t have a weird dream, I wouldn’t have even realized I missed the start of my cycle. Just sore boobs and super thirsty 🤷🏻‍♀️

I’m also due December 3rd and all I have had is vivid dream very sore nipples and throwing up not cramps at all other than my back hurts but that normal for me due to having a back problem

Congratulations, I have same due date!!!

@Alicia pregnancy twins!!!!!

Are you having twins?? Also due Dec 3rd

Enjoy it while it lasts lol!

I’m glad I’m not alone! Lol and definitely enjoying it while it’s lasts 😂

@Peanut idk what I’m having waiting for my insurance to start

Update: it didn’t last that long I’m now very nauseous and feel like crap 😅

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