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So my LO started off relatively chunky and was piling on weight. I breastfed for 2 weeks and then moved onto formula. I make him 4oz bottle every 3 hours or so, sometimes he guzzles it down other times he doesn't finish it maybe only having 2oz. I told my HV about that a few weeks back and she wasn't concerned but today he's been weighed in the clinic and he's dropped a centile and they want to reweigh him in a few weeks. He's 10 weeks now and I'm seeing a lot of posts about similar aged babies taking 5-6oz every few hours. Any advise on getting him to eat more or to encourage him finishing a bottle? Or do I just continue with his lead and see what his weight is doing in a few weeks?
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I feel the same. My LO is 14 weeks now. I make him 2 6oz bottles for his morning feeds, as he sleeps through the night. One at 7.30 the other around 10am. Then the rest of his feeds are 5ozs but he rarely finishes any of them. He normally leaves around an oz each time. I feel he's not putting on weight too and he dropped to the 25th percentile last time I had him weighed. The HV didn't seem worried about it. He was in low 50th now in high 25th. He was born in the 75th but dropped down to the 50th a few days after birth. I think that was mainly due to him being in nicu.

Have you tried upping the teat size on your bottles? My boy is 10 weeks as well and had the same issue a couple of weeks ago so we upped the size of his teats and he's back to guzzling 5oz each feed. I think the flow is slower on the first size and they get lazy after a while as they have to work harder.

Good idea I'll try that! Last night he was only having 1 or 2 ounces and falling back to sleep, you're probably right he's just lazy and sleepy

Yeah and he's probably snack feeding... Just taking a couple of ozs and falling asleep and then waking up a short time later coz he's hungry but then only taking a few Oz's again because it's too much effort/energy to take more. It's a vicious cycle 😂 Hopefully a bigger teat size will be the reset you need! 🤞🤞

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