When I give heads to my man I get bored because it feels like forever and end up asking to have sex instead. How do you keep it fun during head ?
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Honestly, for me…. It’s going to sound silly but I picture myself eating an ice cream cone. Imagining that ice cream and just licking it. Usually, my husband loves that motion. Helps him finish faster. Win win for both of us.

I mean not everyone gets an O from head not every man or woman. Hand jobs work the best and most consistently.

In my case I imagine another woman playing with me

I meen me personally I like giving head so I don’t mind how long it takes because I like my fiancés reactions to certain motions and such, but you an always use your hand in addition to your mouth,or go back and forth between mouth and hand, and if your super lubricated with the hand part and put slight pressure and focus on the head it makes it definitely go a lot quicker 🙏🏽

69 it’ll keep things fun for both of you

Have him touch you while you’re doing it , or if you’re into toys he can use it on you while you’re doing it

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