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How often are you getting baby weighed? Just wondering as I last had baby weighed by gp at 9 weeks. Then I took him to self weigh baby clinic at 11 weeks. He is now 14 weeks on Friday coming. I'm conscious he hasn't been checked over by a health visitor in a while... but it's almost impossible to get through to my local children's centre 😫 Baby is growing and gaining weight which is good I guess.
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My baby had her weigh in at 6 weeks and had to be re weighed at 8 weeks as she had dropped a line on the chart, but after that the Health Visitor told me she wouldn’t be seen again now until she was 10 months old. She did say if I ever wanted to have her weighed or checked though I could just ask and they would book her in.

My local children centres have self weighs regularly so I will be getting my little one weighed on Monday x

You can weigh anytime at most libraries. Or early child and family service hubs

My LO hasn’t been weighed since 8th March at her 8 week check up 🤦🏽‍♀️ it’s annoying as I can’t get to the clinic between 9-11am on a Wednesday and Friday due to not currently having my car and the clinic is half an hour away and our GP surgery doesn’t have weighing scales for babies 🤦🏽‍♀️.

My LO hasn’t been weighed since her 8 weeks HV appointment and is t getting weighed till her 12 weeks appointment we don’t have any self weighing clinics it’s annoying but just have to deal with it

I just weigh my baby by weighing myself at home first and then holding my baby and weighing again. The difference is the babies weight!

@Jade I tried this and soon realised my scales were broke 😂 do need to invest in some new scales

My local weighing walk in clinic said to come in every 4 weeks

I weigh every two weeks. Baby has no issues with her weight and is following her line perfectly, I just like to get her weighed regularly at my local HV drop in clinic 🥰 x

I get her weighed every few weeks just to keep an eye on her weight gain/loss

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