Fighting Daytime Sleep

Anyone else’s babe only take 15-20 min catnaps all day long and then want to sleep for like 3-4 hours starting around 3pm?
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We get an hour, hour and a half nap between 6:30 and 7 am and then a bunch of 20-40 minute naps till about 2pm there’s one maybe two good hour long naps after that and more mini naps till bedtime

15-20 min cat naps after 9am until she goes to sleep completely at night

My baby was doing the same until I put more structure in her schedule.... 1.5 hour naps with around 1 to 1.5hours wake time in between.

The past couple days she has

Yessss i can’t even get her to nap when i soothe her

Glad I’m not alone! My babe is not cranky at all during the day but I just can’t get anything done lol and it makes for a not so fun witching hour. I have tried to put him to sleep around the end of his wake window but that’s hasn’t been successful 😢

Yes! Within the last week he’s been terrible with sleeping during the day, getting very over-tired and cranky and only napping 30 mins max. But at night he first has a long stretch of 4-5 hours sleeping (starting sometime around 8-10 pm) and then every two hours after that. I tell myself I think he’s so fascinated with the world that he has FOMO and won’t sleep during the day because of it 🥲

We do 3 hours at 12 pm and 3-4 hours at 9 pm he gets up then goes back until 8 am anything other than that is only 10-15 minute naps

Yess my baby was like this too until this week when I started putting a routine in place. I don’t have strict times like when naps happen though. We get up at 9am, and I follow her wake and sleepy cues throughout the day. She ends up taking 4-5 naps throughout the day from 30min to 2 hours long. Then we get ready for bed at 830 and she’s asleep for the night by 9pm.

My baby takes catnaps during the day. They’re usually between 15-45 minutes. She’ll get fussy because she’s tired and falls asleep when I rock her, but doesn’t stay down long. She has taken long naps since she was 1 month. She’s been sleeping longer blocks at night once she’s down. So, I’m thankful she sleeps at night, but it would be nice for her to get naps in during the day so I can take one too lol

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