So my boyfriend/baby daddy doesn’t like that I go places by myself with the baby that is a month old, at what age did you guys start just going places on you own with a newborn and didn’t have someone drive you so you weren’t in a backseat anymore?
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I am a nanny and went back to work this week (babe is almost 6 weeks old) he comes with me. I suggest getting a car camera to keep an eye on babe while you drive gives yourself some peace of mind.

Still haven’t gone out a lot with her and mine is seven weeks old. My pediatrician told me to try and hold off going out with her a lot until she’s at least two months and she’s had her vaccines.

I’ve been going out with my little guy since he was about 3 weeks old ! My boyfriend went back to work and I liked to get out so we could get fresh air !

I couldn’t hold up in the house any longer. I was going out with the baby after 2 weeks regularly by myself. The car camera gave both my husband and me peace at mind while driving.

My baby is 5 weeks old and I’ve been out of the house twice with him alone. I just ordered a car camera for some piece of mind though so hoping that makes it easier to get out of the house more!

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