Stomach bug

I somehow contracted a stomach bug or food poisoning, not sure how bc I haven’t been out of my house! I ebf my 1 month old and I’m worried about my supply. I can’t keep anything down, even water or Gatorade. Any suggestions? Should I be worried?
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My family and I just had the bug a few days ago. The key is to try and stay hydrated. My supply dropped over the weekend and my little one was dehydrated from being sick himself and also because I was dehydrated. He's just now producing decent wet diapers. Try pedialyte. That was my go to and when I felt better, I mixed coconut water with body armor. Bone broth is also good to help get you some nutrients and therefore your baby as well. I hope you feel better. Believe me...I know EXACTLY how you feel.

@Jess thanks! Luckily it only lasted that one day. I must have had food poisoning because no one else was/is sick. Ugh throwing up is the worst!

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