Im going to have my first baby boy in June and I still haven’t found a cute outfit for him to wear when he’s out of the hospital, I haven’t found any matching sets that I truly liked , any ideas? and any suggestions where I can find cute matching sets such as the hat, onesie, & scratch mitts? i found a few but not for new born
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Try Caden lane! I got a customized gown and hat with his name on it. They are so soft and so cute. They have other stuff as well Also just a tip, scratch mits suck and are a waste of money!

@Alexus Thanks girl! & really everyone keeps telling me to buy them!

@sara they do scratch their face often that’s probably why but it’s better for their development for them to be free. Plus they fall off sooo easily 🙄 I tried using them with my first cause I was told the same but i skipped them with my last two kids! If you notice they are really badly scratching, you’re better off with sticking some socks on their hands for a bit!

I have some new born outfits I think I have to look

@Alexus I second Caden lane! I unfortunately didn’t have time to get outfits cuz my boy came a whole month early so it didn’t arrive in time lol 😂 my mom ended up running to target for us to grab preemie clothes since he was so tiny so keep in mind that you may want two different sizes!

Walmart has some cute ones. Not sure if you have them around you or if they have the brands but they’ve gotten better

@Gabrielle I’ve seen a few at Walmart! i’m going to look better at other locations maybe it’s just mine that sucks lol!

@Camille Danielle LOL that’s crazy , I wish we had Target here ): I’m so close to crossing the border to go to Target and get things for my boy they say it’s so much better!

@sara can you order online? Or will the shipping be astronomic as fuck?

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