How much do you pay for utilities a month?

Some rentals want between $400-$500 a month for utilities is that reasonable?
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Is that a flat rate for all utilities as a renter thoe ?

@Tracey yes

We own and our utilities last month were ~450, highest months are the coldest months and we forked put around 550. It depends on the size of the place and how hot the place is kept. I know my in laws pay around 800 in the winter. summers are usually cheaper because the furnace gets turned off. But what kills are all the delivery fees even if you barely use any electricity and gas. They get all your money on delivery fees🙄

I rent a two bed two bath condo with myself and two kids under six and my electric bill by itself is about $350 a month. if you’re paying for water gas and electric then I would say that’s a pretty reasonable rate.

If it’s everything then ya it’s not to bad of a rate ….

We are coming from Ontario and we only pay $200 for everything so wasn't sure


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