Any bakers here ?

When I bake cookies they end up with a muffin texture. Can anyone tell me why and how to fix it ? TIA !
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What is the recipe you're using? Most cookies follow the same method of mixing, cream fat and sugar, add eggs and flavor(vanilla, etc.), add all dry ingredients, fold in add in at the end. If you're mixing in a different order it can have different results. Off the top of my head I would also think that maybe too much liquid and leavening agent was used, if you're making something like banana cookies the extra moisture makes them have a muffinish texture.

I realized I did not put the cookies in the fridge in step 6 . The last time I made cookies I did the same thing. The recipe said to let the dough chill for an hour or something and I didn’t so I’ll do that next time .

@Hessa would leavening agent be baking soda ?

@Nina Yes leavening is baking soda/powder. The recipe looks normal to me. What exactly do you mean by a muffin texture? Like they are really dense? Or they are a more cakey texture?

@Hessa I say muffin because they are small lol but yes cake texture

@Nina You may be over mixing the dough, which would cause it to hold more air and result in a more dense and cakey texture. Once you add the flour you only want to mix until all the of it is moistened to get a more tender texture. You could also try a cake and pastry flour as it'll have a lower gluten content so the dough won't hold as much air.

Over mixing and creating too much gluten.

@Hessa @Laura so that’s what “until just combined” means . Thank you!!

I'm not a baker but I bake good cookies. Using self raiding flour, I find, can give a texture like what you're describing. Use plain flour. Room temperature egg, brown sugar, butter, I use a tiny but more butter than is recommended in recipes

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