My 14 month old is teething and very fussy this week. She finally taking a nap. It was around 5:30pmish. Right now it’s 7:30pm. Should I wake her up now? Her bed time is at 8pm. I feel like I’m regretting my decisions.
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I've always just let her sleep when this happens, you might end up awake at 4am with her tho 🙃 or if she really doesn't feel good she might sleep the extra two hours and just sleep straight thru! My kid did that when she was sick once.

I would wake up, I find it’s easier to put a cranky baby back down

When my LO was having teething pains I just let her sleep sometimes she sleep through the night or wake up for a diaper change and a sip of water. She still ends up going back to bed sometimes I add a little bit of melatonin drops to her water just to help sleep through the pain. They have elderberry in it so it gives her a immune system boost

After I made this post. My daughter woke up lol. And she went to bed around 11pm last night. Thanks everyone!

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