Why am I still producing milk?

I am 6 weeks postpartum and I have not pumped or breast fed in 4 weeks. My little one would not latch for anything and it was just stressing him (and myself) out. I finally just gave in to formula because even while pumping I wasn’t producing enough no matter what I tried. I am grieving this and have some serious mom guilt over not being able to breast feed. Tonight I noticed leaks in my bra. I noticed I’m still producing milk, though I thought I had dried up. Is it possible to re-produce milk, or did I never dry up to begin with? I’ve never engorged either. I’ve never felt discomfort or sore breasts either. It’s still there and part of me wants to get my hopes up that I should try again. Or are my hormones out of whack and I should just stick to formula? 🤪
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I’m curious about this! I would like to know too, just to know

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i’m 11 months PP and only breastfed for 2 months i can still squeeze some out lol. it’s weird but i guess our bodies just take time to go back to normal that way too.

So... My daughter will be 2 this month, I've stopped pumping for a year and occasionally I still have drops (only during special time with hubby that it's noticed) but still weird 🤔

Chug water constantly, eat as much as possible but not out side food but things cooked from scratch if you can, chickpeas help production of milk too. Stay away from garlic sodas broccoli cabbage tomatoes and spicy foods. Wear a breastfeeding bra (for some reason the pressure of the inside side strap makes it produce a lot) and eat eggs that’s how I kept my milk production keep up I almost never pumped and that’s if you wanna try breastfeeding again. My baby latched instantly so with that part also your mentality and beliefs which your baby can feel and sense since they shared your flesh with you and could feel your emotions and thoughts I would spend time rubbing the nipple near their cheek or squeeze some milk out for them to taste because I had to do that as well to get my baby to know since the milk is sweet and formula isn’t so it takes time and repetition

Don’t feel guilty about it because it happens to many more than not and the majority of babies are formula or do both

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