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I’m 30 weeks now my family haven’t even asked me if I’m ok once how I am, if I need help with anything I’ve had to do everything myself with 0 support all appointments alone etc as I’m a single parent now. I earn money through self employment and even tho I don’t expect anything from my family, they don’t even ask if I can manage or even normal family things like maybe buying a cute outfit for her ( I’m not entitled or feel they have to but it makes me depressed seeing on TikTok the mountains of gifts people have got from their family and mine can’t even ask how I am ) They expect to see my baby after and take pictures with her but can’t even ask me how I am, do they really think they’ll be seeing her when they’ve not been there for me when I’ve needed them the most??? No chnace Also I have no friends at all I lost them all during an abusive relationship that made me cut everyone off ( haven’t had friends In 6 years) My mum will have to be my birthing partner as I can’t really imagine doing it alone even though we are really not that close
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So sorry you’re feeling lonely. Unfortunately, pregnancy seems to show people’s true colours-usually in abandoning their pregnant friend/family member or generally providing no or little support. I say this from observation and my own experience unfortunately. Maybe try and connect with people on Peanut through matches, and also download the app MeetUp. On MeetUp I meet other women who are local to the area who want to meet people and make friends with other women. I would also suggest BumbleBFF too. I have made some great friends from these apps. It does require putting yourself out there but it does get easier. I would invest less energy in the people who clearly are not there for you, and focus on yourself and what makes you happy.

I am so sorry you are going through this. Not all families are a family unfortunately. Have you tried the Family Hubs and Start to Life Programme? They usually have local meetups, some weekly. You can maybe also find people in the same stage of pregnancy during face to face antenatal classes. As for birth partner, this might not be for everyone, but you could always hire a doula as a birth partner instead. A doula will offer so much, before, during and even after birth

I hope you’re okay. This is so tough to go through on your own. I would mention this to your mum to be honest and you might be surprised that she might not have realised? I am in this exact situation at the moment at 31 weeks pregnant. I have had to tell my family they have not helped and only bought him one outfit. I really believe TikTok puts so much pressure and expectations. It is hard to see but people always post on social media the good things when they might be going through the same behind closed doors. Family is a tough one to be honest. Sometimes they get that carried away with their own lives they do not realise they have not checked in on you. My family are exactly like yours not taking the time out to ask how you’re doing. If they expect to see her when she is born but do not bother throughout your pregnancy then I would tell them exactly as it is. Sorry to read about your friends and past relationship. Reach out to people. You can drop me a message too if you want

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