My baby

I showed her how you do it but she been mocking everything I do with her brother 3months since yesterday
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So cute 🥰🥺 I can't wait to see my son's interactions and reactions with his new baby sister (due in August) so far he is obsessed with the *idea* of her and he loves other peoples babies. (Even has his own baby doll he carts around on occasion)

@Tara that’s going be adorable he will do great I told my daughter earlier to go throw a ball at (G) short for (Greg) not her (dad) my (Husband) so when she started getting more time with me I told her she can call him (G) she had it down before she went home that first weekend so we stuck with it. Well anyway told her go throw ball at him we play like that she ran in to do it I wasn’t thinking so lucky she was she said baby I said oh no don’t throw it I said your right Elsa she noticed he was holding baby.

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