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Has anyone sleep trained their babies? I love the cuddles and rocking but my back isn’t liking it. LO is nearly 6.5kg and I can’t keep doing this for every nap and night time sleep. How do you put your babies to sleep mummas? Tips for them to sleep independently is much appreciated.
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I put her down in her cot, make sure it’s as dark as possible. We have a dream egg for white noise and then I put her down. And tickle her head for a few minutes, this usually calms the screaming and then she whimpers for a couple of minutes before heading off to sleep.

I have, I used a book called the helping babies sleep method after someone recommended it on here. It did involve an element of letting him cry though so if that’s something you aren’t comfortable with then I wouldn’t recommend it for you. It worked in just a few days and I only had one initial stretch of 45 minutes of crying the first night. I won’t lie that 45 minutes were probably the longest 45 minutes of my life but it’s the best thing I’ve ever done. He will settle himself back to sleep in the night if he wakes up now and I can also put him down in his cot awake and he will be content enough in there to fall asleep for a nap.

I hold, sway and shush until his eyes are drooping then put him down but hold his hand or chest. Wait for 5/10 mins and leave the room, wait a few minutes and go back in and repeat if he doesn’t sleep. Will do that for no longer than 20 mins and hold him to sleep to stop him getting overtired. Try again with next nap. Then started removing steps so I put him down without holding his hand/not shushing. After 3 weeks he is so much better, I can usually now just hold and shush for 2 minutes then put him down. I also have white noise on quite loud, but we recently bought a noise machine that plays sea waves and that has made a crazy difference! I left it on for the night (which I also enjoyed haha) and he only woke once for the first time in 7 weeks and was so much more relaxed and calm. Hope some of that is helpful :) it felt like it was never going ti get better!

Also following. @Jemma did this work for night wakes too? I put my baby down awake and lay next to her on the bed and she falls asleep. I see on the monitor she often wakes and can resettle herself - but she still wakes 2-3x a night and cries and those times I feed her. But I am able to just put her back down after. She used to do a 6-7 hr stretch with no milk and now will only do 3, so I don’t truly think she’s hungry.

@Jenna yes it does. I only do a dream feed at 10pm and he doesn’t feed again until the morning. He will wake up a few times in the night but will settle back down after 5-10 minutes. He has recently been waking up for a half hour chat recently though in the early hours but I just leave him to it and he goes back to sleep again 😂

We will be sleep training using Ferber method dedicating 1 week to it and will be doing all naps in the crib with Ferber for first 3 days too baby isn’t 5 months yet but we will start once he goes back to only 2 feeds a night for at least 4 nights in a row

@Jemma interesting! I’m debating sleep training in the coming weeks to curb the night wakes. They are always at the same time so I think more habitual and she is capable of going longer without milk as she used to when younger. But she sometimes seems genuinely hungry so I’m torn. She sometimes wakes up and resettles but 2x per night she wakes and cries and those times I feed

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