Strep B

Hi! Anyone know more information on this? Waiting to hear back from my doctor for my results. I got them back and it said it was detected.
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It's caused by bacteria that occur naturally in your body, not by anything you did wrong. The chances of you passing group B strep to your baby are quite low, especially if you take antibiotics during labor.

Same here! My doctor said it’s not a big deal at all and i just have to have antibiotics in my iv during labor!

Candace Owen’s didn’t take the antibiotics and her baby came out fine. She talked about it in one of her videos. I was trying to do research because I also have strep b & I do not trust the hospital. Especially big Pharma owning everything.

I had it with my first they said they wanted me to have antibiotics for a certain amount of time. I ended up having to be induced so I had plenty before delivery. They did keep us an extra night (I delivered later in the evening) to monitor baby’s vitals but other than that it was pretty smooth. It’s very low risk if you get the antibiotics. Just because you have it once doesn’t mean you always will I tested negative this pregnancy

Thanks ladies! So is it possible to still deliver vaginally or does that automatically mean I need to have a c section?

@Tamara You can deliver vaginally!

Awesome thanks!

I had this - just gave birth last week. They will just treat you with drip fed antibiotics during the labour so it doesn’t pass through to baby. Other than that not much else to worry about Aslong as you get the antibiotics!

They will just give you some meds IV while you're in labor! You and baby will be fine! No biggie! :)

The only thing is to have that medicine in iv for some time like four hours. When my cintarcations start, it was very fast. So they could just keep it for one hour. So discuss this with your nurses, when they have to give it in iv..

They gave me antibiotics that were safe with pregnancy and explained that it has to be treated since I am pregnant because it can be passed to the baby.

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