Evening primrose oil

Has anyone used primrose oil to induce labor? I’m a first time mom and I want my baby to come naturally but I’m scheduled for induction this Sunday April 7th . Did the oil work for you? How did you use it?
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I've been taking it since 37 weeks orally. It hasn't induced me.

@Tonjanae what’s the benefits of the oil? I’m currently 36 weeks pregnant I bought but haven’t used it yet

I just met someone who swears by this. She said to take 2 by mouth and 1 downstairs a day. Which I’m kinda scared to do lol.

That’s what I heard but I’m not sure how effective that is or if I’m last minute I get induced in 4 days I been procrastinating this whole time

Yea I've heard it reduces tears I didn't know it could induce labor.

Girl go have some sexy time 😂 and do cat cow poses 😃

I did have insert them vaginally with my first and this one I am doing it as well it doesn’t really induce labor but it does help prevent tearing and softens your cervix

Why are you scheduled for induction?

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