Any tips for helping with a cough? Baby has his first cold and has been coughing constantly for the last 30 mins. I have just brought a humidifier that I can collect from Argos but is there anything else? Got a calpol vapour plug on and the n2m is tilted slightly.
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Rub some vapour rub on some tissue an place it under the sheet in the cot near the babies help that helped my little one !

Snuffle babe rubbed into the chest helped mine :)

And Asda do a baby cough medicine that’s suitable from 1 month x

I think it’s an old wives tail but Vapor rub on the bottom of their feet I heard can help and we did this! I also found some cough syrup at Tesco for 1 month plus and we did give her some of that. Also when she had a bath we ran the shower extra hot so she could breathe in all the steam x

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