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Does anyone have succes stories with getting rid of mice? We have had a mouse infestation in our apartment since last summer. We hired a pest control that came to our place probably six times. They recently gave up because the mice still keep coming despite all the holes covered and they believe they are coming from behind the cabinets, where the pest control doesn’t have access. What are our options at this point? Tear down our cabinets or move out? Strata isn’t taking any responsibility as they state it’s everyone’s own responsibility to cover the possible access points in the apartments. We have tried all kinds of things on our own too; cat hair, electric rodent repellers, peppermint oil, sealing food and other stuff in containers etc. etc. My mental health has been declining ever since the mice first came in. It’s like a part time job to monitor them and constantly clean up. We have a toddler and soon a new baby too, and I hate that they have to live like this. If there’s still something we could try, any insight would be greatly appreciated 🙏🏼
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VOKRA has an awesome fostering program, if you don't want to commit to a cat but want to "foster" one sometimes their smell can keep mice away

I would say at this point get a cat. They will definitely keep the mice away

We had this exact same problem during my pregnancy a few months ago and my mental health was also so low because of it. I know exactly how you feel. It's terrible living like that. What worked for us since we didn't want to remove cabinets was to cover entrances from the front. So we nailed chicken wire around the bottom and sides of cabinets so even if they came through wall they could come out into the kitchen...hope that makes sense. You can message me and I can send photos. Good luck!

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