Slightly annoyed. Do I have a right to be?

I’m off work for two weeks. My partner gets up around 5 something in the morning. He woke me up out of my sleep because he couldn’t find his headphones that our son was playing with last night! Whilst he was washing the dishes he just told me to keep and eye on our son while he had his headphones so that the earpieces didn’t come out. Anyway about 15/20 mins later I found them in the washing basket. It’s just annoyed me that instead of you just leaving to work without headphone’s you’d rather interfere with my sleep and wake me up knowing that I have to be up in 40/45 mins anyway because our son will wake for milk. 😤
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Yes, there are times when my husband doesn’t need to wake me up but he does anyway. So annoying!!! Like let me have a lie in for once 😂

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