My son is 1 now, and is still breastfeeding. he only tends to have it now maximum twice potentially three times a day it just depends what he’s like. he has it before he goes to bed and it goes down for the night and he sleeps 12 hours so nothing wrong with sleep I know at the age of one they can start having full cows milk, but do I give him a bottle of that as well as the breastmilk? I’m a bit confused. He is my first so still learning as I go. I haven’t yet given him any of that milk only in his breakfast. Any advice would be much appreciated.
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I started with offering small amount in a cup at this time and gradually increasing. Never measured or strived for specific amounts and carried on breastfeeding on demand. At around 18 months I wanted to stop breastfeeding and offered more milk in a cup at the times she wanted to nurse. Fully weaned just after 2. She is 2.5 and drinks milk whenever she wants, some days a lot and others not at all. I am pretty chill about it as she is healhty and growing charts are all good. From what I have read kids are good at eating and drinking the amount their bodies need so unless bub is underweight, you can follow their lead.

Great, thank you ever so much. I’ll try that I’ll try with a bit today and gradually increases you go on.

You don't have to give him any cows milk to drink unless you want to. The WHO recommendation is 2 years of breastfeeding alongside complimentary foods and beyond, so you could just carry on as is. If you want to stop breastfeeding now and don't want to give cows milk you would just need to replace the water, calcium and fat from milk in other ways.

Okay thank you. He loves the boob, so won’t be weaning him off just yet, but would like to ideally stop around 18months around then. As then I have abit of a break and then we are trying for baby number 2.

Don't bother with a bottle, just offer it in a cup through out the day just to get him used to it. As your still breastfeeding then I wouldn't stress if he's not interested in it as he will be getting the nutrition from breastmilk.

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