I still have baby brain

Anyone else have bad baby brain still when there child is now a 2yr old lol I’d forget my my own name just abt at the moment(jokes) it’s ridiculous. My partner thinks I need to go to the doctor abt it ???
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It might be lack of sleep. How’s your little one sleeping?

Usually great lol but we are currently goin through a 2yr old I don’t want to sleep regression lol. My brain has been like this before it too 😂

Yes mines so bad. He's 4.5

Yes, I'm almost 4 years PP from my last one and I cannot multitask or remember anything like I did before. I call it "fish brain" and it does feel scary/frustrating sometimes!

Yeah I still walk into rooms not remembering why I went there. And walking back out empty handed. You have more to juggle compared to pre baby. Helps if I meditate and excercise regularly.

Yup baby brain lasts a while for me mine is two but still I'm like in a fog

@Villy omg I do tho all the time!

Yes, got it and baby is 15 months. I feel like I’ve got brain fog all the time, it is very frustrating. You are not alone.

Yes I’ve been thinking the same for a while and it feels worse now with my second who’s a newborn.. very frustrating!!

@Amnah I feel worse after my second, as well, even though he's almost 4. I know the brain goes through permanent changes after having babies, but it's so unsettling.

Me too . My baby is 2 and still cant focus or multi task

I definitely had baby brain for a while after my first one. And I used mushroom powder as a supplement to help. It really worked. Studies have found that mushrooms are incredible to help with cognitive function and repairing Grey matter. I definitely saw a difference every time I used it. I would recommend adding that supplement in your morning routine.

@Alicia is that what that is?! I just thought I was stupid 🤣

@Nat I’m pretty sure my partner thinks I am lol 😂

@Alicia hahahaha!

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