How quickly did your periods return?

Im 4 weeks post my surgery to remove my MMC and still nothing. I had cramps, back pain and sensitive nipples 4 days ago, thought that was it but still nothing ☹️ How long did it take for you?
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I’m 5 weeks post my treatment for a MMC and also nothing - no sign of it coming either. I had surgery in October for my first MMC and it came back after 4 weeks exactly, but this time is really different. I feel your pain!

6 weeks for me.

I’m almost 5 weeks post mc at 16 weeks and I keep getting cramps and backaches but no bleeding :( I just want my period to come so I can start cycle tracking again.

I think mine took 5 weeks.

I am 6 weeks post surgery and I’m still waiting too 😩

Never wanted my periods to come so bad! Good luck to everyone waiting

I’ve just come on today, exactly 7 weeks after my surgery, hopefully you will soon 🤞🏻

I just got mine yesterday 5 weeks 1 day post mc

Mine just started too today!

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