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Okay so my son’s 1 year birthday is next week and I guess now it’s time for cows milk soon! ATM I give him 2/3 bottles of formula in a whole day but how exactly do you transition to cows milk? Like should he have the cows milk when her normally have formula? I feel confused on how much they’re suppose to have in a day and when. Any advice would be appreciated or recommendations on bottles for cows milk. Thank you :)
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Too much cows milk can get constipating, I plan on doing a slow transition, gonna start with swapping day time bottles for snacks first then once happy with that I’ll offer breakfast before a bottle which I’m going to slowly an oz at a time transition to milk. Then bedtime bottle will be last to change which I’ll do an oz at a time x

I did the same for both my kids, which was to just give milk instead of formula when the formula ran out. Only prep I did was give pre-made formula from the fridge for a few days to adjust to cold milk. Neither were bothered about the straight swap. My daughter has 3x 7oz, sometimes 1oz before bed if dinner was a little early. I offer more but she only ever wants the 1, if any at that point 🤷‍♀️ We're in the process of replacing bottles for beakers. She has a small beaker with water with dinner no problem but it's too small for the amount of milk she has, so later this week I'm buying whichever beakers are in the shop lol she has 2 teeth atm and scrapes it on her plastic beaker, so I'm looking for a chew-proof one

My little girl is 1 next Thursday and I’ve already transitioned her on to cows milk, I never mixed formula or cows milk, I just made a straight transition when her last run ran out, she’s doing really well on it, she only has 2-3 bottles a day depending when her nap is and when she wakes up, she hasn’t been constipated with being moved on to it yet but every baby is different, do what you feel is right x

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