First holiday abroad - essentials please? ☀️

& what is best for the swimming pool (armbands, life vest etc) Thanks ☺️
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Following: 😊 But we have decided to use a life vest for our little girl instead of armbands. We thought they are quite restrictive in terms of arm movements for splashing etc.

We're away on 23rd and also have chosen a life vest for the pool 😊 a few essentials I didn't think of initially until recommended: Might be OTT but a little first aid kit with calpol and piriton. A cot sheet, portable black out blind and a clip on fan for the pram. We're also taking a few of his favourite snacks x

Also I'd recommend getting a UV protection swim suit. They're a bit more expensive than standard outfits in asda etc but LO will be better protected x

@Rebecca @Sara what life vest have you went with? ☺️

@Colette we went with the zoggs from Boots x

Following too! We’re going on a cruise in July and I have no idea what to take!

A cousin shared her checklist with me which I'll add here, it's helped me loads. She has an older child too x

@Colette We have gone for the Swim best Swim Vest 😊 Also considering purchasing a second one the Splash About Go Splash Swim vest. X

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