Spontaneous Labour - no signs?

Did anyone go into spontaneous labour with their first baby despite having no warning ‘signs’. I’m 37+2 and still feel like I’m in the second trimester 🤣 I don’t feel ‘heavy’, I don’t feel any ‘pressure’ down below, I don’t get lightning crotch, I don’t get braxton hicks, I don’t go for a wee a million times a day. I literally get nothing, just a bit uncomfortable putting my shoes on with a belly in the way🤣🤣 Although this is brilliant for pregnancy, I’m worried that this means I won’t go into spontaneous labour and will need inducing… I have been collecting colostrum and been getting 1ml from each boob, but absolutely no other signs to suggest baby may come herself☹️ Please let me know if you were in a similar position 🫣
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My first child came at 35 weeks. I was at work the day before, a very normal day and evening- and absolutely zero indication he was coming imminently until my waters broke that night!

i was the same got to 40 weeks and 1 day had a hot bath went to bed and woke up in labour pains were immense expected to be 7-8cm but no got to the hospital i was 4cm and stayed that way from 10pm until 6am and then moved to 6cm and then by 9am i was fully dilated and pushing but my waters never broke x

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