I have a sweep this morning please help me understand a little what to expect as never had one with my first baby 🙏 i’m 39+3w
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Everyone’s experiences varies! I had my first on Monday, didn’t put me into labour but I lost my mucus plug/bloody show and light bleeding for 2-3 days. Lots of period cramps for around 24 hours too.

@Amelia i’m neverous i’m going to get confused with the normal cramping after and start of labour thinking it’s one but it’s the other😅 could you tell it was just cramping from that and nothing else?

Yes, definitely. If it gets really painful, or if they’re coming in regular waves then that could be contractions. But I just got period type pains that were sore but not contractions x

I've had two, lost my plug on the first & had brown bloody / discharge for the first two days, had my 2nd yesterday morning and had no changes so far, & still 1/2cm dialated. Booked in for an induction tomorrow x

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