Trying to pull herself up.

She’s 12 weeks tomorrow and last couple of days she keeps trying to push herself to sit up then keeps moaning that she can’t do it. She’s going bright red from really trying 🙈 a couple of times she’s been laying with me legs up grabbed hold of my fingers and has got up but I know it’s too early and worried she’s going to damage her back. I’ve tried lifting her up and sitting her there for a few seconds but as soon as she’s back down she cries trying to get back up. Her head is still a bit wobbly so know she really shouldn’t be sitting up herself. Anyone else’s lo doing this?
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Normal gross motor development! This “ab crunching” type movement is a really important pre-rolling skill to learn😀

Mines been the same this last week.. also 12 weeks! Totally normal from my online googling... getting ready to roll. I think we are still meant to give proper support at ribs when sitting rather than just under arms/hands at this stage 🙂

Oh phew I’ll let her get on with it I just remember being told they shouldn’t be sitting up till earliest 4 months otherwise they can damage their backs so I started panicking this morning 🙈 but if it’s all part of her next stage then that’s good. I try googling stuff and seem to find the worst so thought I’m going to ask on here ☺️

My baby is struggling with wind so I end up sitting him against my chest but upright whilst he digests his milk. Is this okay or would this damage his back?? Panicking after reading the comments now haha

I think as long as you are supporting I think it’s ok. I was just worried her trying to pull herself up was going to damage her back as she’s definitely not ready but she does sit nearly upright when I feed her but my arms wrapped round her

Thank you! I’ll make sure I keep supporting him well just in case x

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