Baby acne?

Hi mamas, my baby’s face has been full of spots for a few weeks now. The GP said is baby acne but seems worst every day. Anyone has experience this? Or any other rash in the baby’s face? Just worrying that it could be something else
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My baby had worst It’s cleared now I bought different things

If it is baby acne, it gets worse before it gets better. My little girl had it really bad all over her face, scalp, neck and chest. I didn't put anything on it but it's all cleared now x

My LO had the same. It looked worse than what can see in your picture too. However all cleared up now, just kept his face clean wiping with warm water, morning and night.x

It happened the same for my girl. Try to not kiss his checks, they have sensitive skin. Clean his face every morning with hot, wet cotton. And drop breast milk on his face spread it like a cream, it's full of vitamins. U will see the change after a week. Xx

My baby girl has started getting some baby acne over the last couple of weeks, my hv said it’s very normal and will clear up in its own time! She did also say for breastfeeding mums, you can use some of your milk on it too x

I used Aveeno baby dermexa . It works . May need a few applications but it works .

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