Managing the fear of poor NHS service

How did you manage to ‘get over’ your fear of NHS ballsing it up during your labor/delivery that could result in life long body damage/ harm to baby? It sounds like getting good care whilst in labor/delivery with NHS is by luck of the draw. If you’re lucky that a good midwife/doctor is assigned to you,then you’d have a less troublesome experience. My goal is to have as less traumatic birthing experience as I can. So not ruling out medical interventions like c-section(CS) or epidural. But I also know that CS is a major operation and we’ve all read about epidural horror stories. Of course, I know the solution to this is to go private,then maybe you can look at the credentials of your doctor/midwife that will deliver your baby. But this is not an option for me as it’s so expensive. Thoughts?
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I went into the MBLU birthing led unit. I found it much more relaxing! The midwives were amazing!!🫶🏻

I had a planned section and spinal block and it was a good experience xx

Planned a home birth for this exact reason!

MLBU was amazing for me!

I had amazing staff with me during mine but unfortunately I still had a somewhat traumatic time - nothing that they could have done to prevent it but were amazing with how they dealt with everything. Don’t think going private would make any difference. Every labour and delivery is so different in terms of possible complications/ease regardless of the staff.

I just went with the flow. I really wanted to go midwife led as heard it was nicer but because I was being induced on the drip on was on delivery suite. They can still make it relaxing with the lights like midwife led. I got the epidural didn’t have no problems. Seems to be the same guy that does it. It shouldn’t be luck of the draw but it is. I had a lovely night midwife who just let us be and checked on us when required, but not so much when shift changed. Whether it’s because my night one was experienced and my day one was a newbie 🤷‍♀️

I’m actually looking into a Doula becasue it sounds like a good Midwife is a luck of the draw which I’m not willing to gamble with. I also won’t have anyone with me to support so I would be “alone” as such. I am in no position to be able to afford a Doula but they do really care about their patients and I have been given the option to pay via instalments as they believe I truly need support and help x

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