My LO hates the highchair and cries when he’s in it! Any ideas?! 🥲
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What type of chair is it? We got a bug chair from mamas and papas and our boy loves it!

Can he sit up yet? He might not be comfy if he's not ready yet.

@Kate he can sit with minimal support but not completely independently yet!

We have those spinning widget things on his tray and that always keeps him occupied when initially going in it x

Try and make it fun! We aren’t weaning yet are a couple of weeks off but we sit baby in it for 10 mins or so each day to familiarise him with it and let him play with spoons/ toys etc so he gets used to it and it’s somewhere fun rather than being overwhelming. When he wants to get out we let him out. I’m sure baby will come round, just keep at it and make it super fun! x

My baby doesn’t like it when he’s tired. I guess it’s hard work trying to sit, keep head up etc so he’s not in the mood when he’s tired. Xx

@Rebekah this was our saviour! My girl wasn’t much of a fan until we stuck these on there. Deffo recommend too x

We got one with a reclining back incase she got tired and fussy and that really helps. Other than that, she loves playing with her toys, you can buy ones that stick onto their tray. Or try singing songs, doing funny dances, popping them in the high chair when you’re cooking, doing the pots etc. I give my LG safe kitchen items like a plastic whisk, big spoons, just new things to entertain her whilst supervised xx

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