Baby toiletries

What baby toiletries and medicines etc do I need?
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Don't need anything in the really early days but you'll need Calpol for the 8 weeks jabs, we used a snot sucker, snufflebabes to help with a cold. We used a Calpol plug in at some point but it didn't help us. Toiletries- nappy rash cream, eventually you'll need some bath stuff, we had to use aveeno cream for eczema, water wipes. Lots of cotton wool in the early days.

If you’re planning on breastfeeding feeding I just used breastmilk for everything! My 15m old has never had nappy cream on him just breastmilk. Conjunctivitis- breastmilk Rash - breastmilk Teething - breastfed Frida baby snot sucker & nose picker. Cotton pads Bath sponges Once he was a bit older we started using Nalas baby toiletries in the bath x

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