GI Problems

Backstory: So James Patrick has been diagnosed with a milk protein allergy and this week at his 2 month check up we were he needs to been seen by a GI specialist because he is on the last formula option for his condition and is still having problems. My questions are… 1. Has anyone experienced this and what was their experience being a first time mom I’m scared to google and am going in blind. 2. What are some ways you made your baby comfortable? He is so fussy and struggling and I hate seeing him in pain and hurting.
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Getting my daughter on an amino based speciality formula, neocate, was life changing for her. I also recommend a good probiotic. Like love bug brand on Amazon. They have infant ones. Does it seem like he has reflux too?

No on the reflux. I have some of the mylcon probiotics but have been hasn’t to give it to him being scared it would make it worse. I’ll look into that formula and do some more research on the probiotics! Thank you!

First off, I’m so sorry!! My baby was gassy and fussy and in pain for the entire first two months and was on Similac sensitive and others. Nothing worked. She’s also 50% breastfed. After so much research, I landed on Kendamil organic and I literally have a new baby now. But you have to buy Kendamil from approved sites. This vid from YouTube that another mom made was so informative. Her son had a cow milk allergy with American made formula but not with UK made ones. Really makes you wonder. ☹️

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