LO fell off the bed :(

I can’t believe this happened. Had such a long night and didn’t expect to doze off while she was playing next to me on the bed - we do this every morning after her morning bottle. Next thing you know she’s crying and on the floor. Can’t believe I let this happen. She was shaken up but calmed down around 15 seconds after soothing her so doesn’t seem to be in pain. She’s got a red mark on the side of her forehead and end of her eye area. I’ve been trying to put something cold on it to stop it from being swollen and reduce redness. She’s really fought it as it’s obviously uncomfortable so I have only managed a short while on the forehead bit- but the eye- no chance! She’s fine in herself, was playing right afterwards and ate. I’m just in shock I let this happen under my watch and feel like such a rubbish mum. She sleeps in her cot which is why I don’t have any bed barriers. She’s just gone to sleep now (an hour and a half later) . Any suggestions on what to look out for to make sure I’ve not caused any damage to her actual eye? Please be kind, I know It shouldnt have happened and I feel terrible.
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Don’t feel bad mummy, we’re all human and sometimes these things happen. I’m sure your LO is absolutely fine and any red marks will disappear very quickly. I think I’d just keep an eye out for any excessive drowsiness or change is personality. I’m sure you’re more traumatised than she is xx

It happened to me a few weeks ago. I felt sick to my stomach when it happened. But my LG was the same, she had a red mark above her eye socket, I also tried to keep a cold compress on, but she wasn't keen on it for more than a few seconds at a time. I just kept an eye on her all day. She wasn't sick/vomiting and wasn't excessively drowsy and she was absolutely fine, a bit tearful for the rest of the day, but then so was I! You can always contact your GP or 111, but you know your baby better than anyone and can probably tell if something is wrong. xx

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