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Hello everyone, I'm 8+4 at the moment, it's my first pregnancy so everything is new. I know a lot of the effects I am expecting to go through, but difficult sex was something I haven't thought about. I did hear before the usual "use the sexy time now cause once you're pregnant there won't be none of that" and I always thought that it made kind of sense because of hormones, nausea, mood changes and that, but (sorry if TMI from here 😅) we tried to have sex yesterday and he literally cannot put it in without hurting me it's so tight. This has never happened before, and I'm curious to know if it's a usual thing (tight, painful and that -or any other experiences you guys might've had) or if it's something I should need to get checked, potentially. Help please! 😭
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I don’t have a ton of knowledge on this but we’ve had sex since I found out (now 7w3) and it’s felt fine. I thought it felt a bit tighter … which I said , and my partner said ‘er I think it felt a lil looser’ 😂

I’ve had sex since I found out id just advise taking it slower and Yh it’s usally as a bump starts to show people say they stop sex just for there own reasons maybe uncomfortable but good luck xx

Could it have just been that you were feeling a little more anxious? Follow @thesexdoctor on insta as she is brilliant for anything like that! I’m sure she will have a post about it somewhere x

We last had sex 2 days before I found out. It was fine. Haven't felt like it since much to my other half's disappointment 🤣 but my sex drive wasn't massively high before.

Yeah my sex drive gone right down the pan, which is annoying coz I like sex and I feel bad for my partner. We have done it a few times. Just gotta take slow and if so use lube! X

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