Massive appetite

Anyone else super hungry?! Been feeling sick in the morning but that’s it! I hope this doesn’t continue otherwise I’m going to be huge!!! Only 6 weeks atm!
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Meee I’m also 6 weeks and I’m hungry but also really picky on what I actually want to eat!

So hungry. Just turned 8 weeks and this has been my main symptom since 4 weeks! I need to eat a decent amount every 3 hours. If I go over, I’m starving and nauseas! X

Me. I'm 8w4d and for the last few days I've had 2 breakfasts. Before I didn't care much for breakfast. Although the bloat has now shown up after being absent for a few days.

I had this with my first pregnancy, felt sick unless eating. (Had a girl) and now I'm the opposite feel sick from/if eating. Totally opposite pregnancies so far! (Also makes me think it's a boy 😅)

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