Combi mixed feeding help!

I mixed 2 oz of freshly pumped breast milk with 2 ounces of aptamil ready to feed formula milk. My daughter has had 1.5 oz only… can I put it in the fridge? If yes, can I then re heat it and make it warm? If not, how long do I have to feed her before I need to discard it? For info- my daughter is 15 weeks and exclusively breastfed. Trying to get her used to the bottle as I am introducing formula with the hope to stop breastfeeding and move fully to formula by 6 months
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No so you have to discard any bottles after I believe an hour after baby has started to drink from the bottle If using just formula it will tell you on the tin or bottle how long it can be preped for before baby drinks it and stays safe to drink I hope this makes sense

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