anyone still sick in their second trimester? i thought mine had passed but it seems it's back at 14 weeks😅
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Yes! I didn't really have much nausea in my first trimester but now I'm 14 weeks and it seems like I can't keep anything down right now 😅

@Stephanie it's horrible isn't it😅 i had it bad in my first trimester but for the past couple of weeks i've been okay so thought i'd gotten over it, apparently not🤣

Yes sadly, I’m almost 14 weeks and mine hasn’t eased yet :( Not everyone’s disappears at 12- it can take up to week 16 for some. Occasionally it can last longer- let’s hope we’re not the unlucky ones. Hang in there x

Yep me too… Unfortunately I had it the whole way through with my first so don’t have much hope with this one even though “every pregnancy is different”

@Amanda yeah i have heard that, just thought i was lucky as hadn't been sick in a while😅 fingers crossed we feel better soon xx

@Natalya oh you poor thing! i didn't really have it at all with my first so this is all very new to me. hope you don't have it all the way through again xx

In my last pregnancy it lasted until 15 weeks. I’m now at 10 weeks in this pregnancy and suffering so badly. Just want it to be over 😭

it’s never gone away so far for me.😅

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