What is this

Anyone know what this might be?
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The area it is, it could be dribble rash? Does she have any other symptoms like a temperature or not her normal self? If in doubt, call 111 x

@Emily she seems okay in herself. She’s got reflux quite bad so I’m wondering if it’s just where she keeps being sick maybe x

I think you could be right as it just looks like it’s in that area and no other symptoms. I’d just keep an eye on her and try and keep the area dry as best as you can xx

Pretty certain it's just a bit of milk rash, try and keep the area as dry as you can and wipe after feeds, put on some sudocrem if baby is irritated by it but should be gone in a few days 😊

@Esme will do, thankyou! X

Definitely looks like where maybe her vest is getting wet from dribble/reflux and it's rubbing on her chest I'd suggest maybe a bib on moat of the time and keep the area dry and creamed

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