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i’m so confused on what to name my baby on the way i’ve changed the names so many times sibling is called Eleora / Ellie i started with Ivanna then izari then Celeste now Summer i’m such a mess whatever name i choose i want to hyphen it with Marie which name do you prefer ?
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I think Celeste is the nicest and best match but I’d just use Marie as a middle name and not hyphenate

lol you’re not a mess. I couldn’t decide on a name for almost a month PP he was just “my baby”. They’re all pretty good I’d just wait and see which one matches her personality 🫶🏾🫶🏾

Summer-Marie sounds so sweet but Celeste is beautiful and unique if you are wanting to go with something less common. I personally like to think of what they may get nicknamed/shortened to 🥰

I love the name Celeste! 💗

Wb Iredessa, vera, Isolde, Eliza,Sage, clover, Aliza, Xanthi, Xenia, violet, Annalise, Sadie, serenity, briar,

I love Celeste and Ivanna because Ellie & Esti or Ellie & Ivy/Annie is so cute

They’re all great! Izari is a cool name I’ve never heard! You could nickname Izzy; sounds good with Ellie!

I looove the sound of Ivana-Marie Or, you haven’t suggested it but what about Stella-Marie? 🩷

I like Celeste and I think it’s cute that if could be Ellie and Cece x

@Katie that’s crazy i had stella in mind too i just didn’t want to look too messy😂😂🤣 i’ll take the vote of majority tho😂

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