Breast pump

Is this a good breast pump
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Everyone is different, however I would always use hospital grade pumps

@Fran which is that one

@Aalia I have medela freestyle, spectra and momcozy all have hospital grade pumps. They are pricey but worth it

@Fran are you using yours I can’t afford too much but I really want to give my baby my milk

I had the non wearable version and it was good. Not tried this one though

Does your baby not take milk from the breast? I pump regularly as I’m giving my daughter top ups with expressed milk, I found the motor life on wearable pumps wasn’t suitable for me, my Elvie pumps didn’t work anywhere near as well as my hospital grade Ardo pump

@Emma my first baby take for a month but I really want to give my second milk and my milk didn’t come out the first time so I really need help

@Aalia I would suggest finding the support of someone near where you live. La Leche League often have meetings where you can find support, a slightly more expensive option is to find an IBCLC. I’m only pumping because of initial problems with feeding, with my first, thanks to support I fed her without the need to pump at all

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